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Kate Miller - President

Position: President 
Term: 2022 - 2025

President (3 year Presidential Series)

Function: Provide leadership to the board of directors and membership while communicating with the State Board of Directors, Sections, and Districts of pertinent information while providing a direction for success.


  • Shall call and preside at all District membership meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Prepares agenda for the Board of Directors meetings and business meetings for the District.
  • Represents the membership at the District and State level.
  • Attend and participate on the monthly CPRS Region I conference call.
  • Attend all CPRS District/Section leadership meetings and events.
  • Attend and participate on monthly CPRS Legislative Committee calls in the absence of the Legislative Representative.
  • Attend any CPRS Conference, Events, Trainings, etc. when employing agency allows, as a representative of D2 Board of Directors.
  • Collaborate with other moderators to keep the District networking webpage current & active.
  • Prepares PowerPoint, program and script for the Awards and Installation Banquet.
  • Shall appoint all necessary committee chairs to carry out the responsibilities of the board
  • Submits annual District budget parameters for Board of Directors approval.
  • In cooperation with the President-Elect, Vice President and Treasurer submit the annual report to the Board of Directors and the California Park & Recreation Society Office.
  • Is responsible to the Board of Directors for the actions of all officers, representatives, and committees.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees
  • Will perpetuate the District 2 Board of Directors to identify potential candidates and actively provides information regarding duties, responsibilities, and requirements of Board positions.
  • Follow up and coordinate with the committee chairs for the following: Equipment Expo Lunch ‘n Learn Training Series Student Outreach Legislative Outreach Fall Forum Professional Development Grants and Student ScholarshipsAwards ProgramWinter General Membership Meeting/Workshop/Social Annual Awards & Installation Banquet CPRS Conference