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The Northern California Aquatic Management Association is an organization supporting Northern California aquatic professionals and advocates by promoting professional career development, current safety practices, ongoing education, and networking opportunities.

Membership and Meeting Guidelines

Benefits of being a NCAMA Member:

· Educational Opportunities
· Networking with Area Professionals
· Professional Development
· Part-time Staff Trainings
· New Program Ideas
· Aquatic Safety Issues
· Three Major Surveys (safety classes, salaries, & program pricing)
· Ability to Ask Questions of Members
· Scholarship Opportunities

NCAMA Trifold 2021-2022.pdf

FREE membership is open to private and public organizations with an emphasis in aquatic programming, maintenance, and staff development. Membership in NCAMA is encouraged for all levels of employment (full-time and part-time) in aquatics. Attendance at a minimum of 2 meetings is necessary to remain on the active membership list. Completion of the annual Directory allows you to remain on the active email list. However, this does not get you all the benefits of being an active NCAMA Member.

The success of NCAMA is due to YOUR involvement in meetings, training, events, and steering committee assistance. It’s highly recommended that members get involved with the planning, promoting, and implementing of meetings and events. Request for agenda items are sent out two weeks prior to the meeting and agendas are sent out one week prior. A no-host lunch is held nearby after the meeting.

Sample Topics and Speakers:

· Critical Incident Debriefing
· California Aquatic Management School
· Facility Audits
· Aquatic Programming
· Recruitment
· Work Culture


Meeting locations rotate between the different membership agencies. Anyone is welcome to host a meeting. If you are interested in hosting, contact the steering committee. For any questions, please refer to the Steering Committee Members Section for contact information.


Check back soon for Events!



Contact Us

Chair, Susie Patterson

Co-Chair, Will Neville