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CARE Scholarship

District 2 supports professional development that establishes and promotes excellence in the field through the CPRS Membership Program.  To support CPRS and professionals in the field, District 2 is offering a new CARE Scholarship that will provide financial support for District 2 professionals to continue their CPRS membership (or become a new member). Scholarships will be awarded until funding is no longer available. Please read the requirements and click the link below to apply for funding today! 

Apply Here:


Please list any board positions you have filled

Were you a member 2020-2021?

Is your agency’s budget to purchase a membership unavailable for the upcoming year (2021-2022)?

Were you furloughed/laid off due to Covid-19? 

Scholarship recipients would be greatly appreciated to help out!  Which would you be interested in providing to your district:

  • Serve on a committee for a workshop/event
  • Fill a section representative vacancy
  • Fill an executive board position vacancy
  • Help in another capacity?  (i.e., social media, other skills to bring to the table)

Please briefly explain how a membership scholarship would benefit you and your position within your agency and/or district:


  1. Board members/section reps furloughed or laid off
  2. Board members employed without a budget to purchase membership
  3. Past members without a budget to purchase membership
  4. New members without a budget to purchase membership